Sprecher Abbey Triple – Bottle 1062

We bought a bottle of Sprecher Abbey Triple (bottle 1062) at John’s Grocery a few weeks ago, and we finally decided to open it tonight. After cutting through the plastic coated pop-top, we were immediately greeted with a very strong and distinctive aroma. There was the traditional Belgian style smells, however this particular beer also carried some extra sour, as well as almost creamy or buttery / butterscotch¬†hints. The first sips definitely speak of Belgian ale, unfortunately that distinctive aroma (which I will not simply refer to as butter) isn’t as apparent with the taste.¬†This 20 week aged 8.41% alcohol by volume beer does throw a little punch, however like most Belgians it’s barely apparent over the reasonably strong carbonation. Sour flavors cover the palette as I swallow this beer, even more so than I’m typically used to in a Belgian. Overall, delicious. It’s sold in 1/2 and 1/4 bbls as well… I can’t even imagine.